Music for your videos.


For social media and every online business.

So much music for all your videos.

Whatever you need: background music in various styles for video, podcast and online products.

BONUS: learn how to add music to your videos!

SPECIAL OFFER for only 39 €


You're looking for music that fits to your video?

You want it to be legal and license-free and use it wherever you want?

Stop searching.

VIDEOQUEEN music has all you need.

You want to add background music to your videos looking for the perfect sound?

You are unsure with the legal situation using music and buying single music files is too expensive?

And you don't know how to add music to your videos?

Hi, I´m Andrea.

As Video & Online Business Coach I totally understand your situation.

And put together a special music bundle to make it easy for you.

I know finding the right music or sounds for your online work can be an endless search.

I'd love to help you create videos, that make your work stand out and give you all the attention you deserve.

VIDEO: the most important social media tool for your online business

You need it to:

- have high visibility

- inspire potential clients with a personal and authentic message

- create and sell online trainings & products successfully

- start your own YouTube channel and get discovered 24/7

- create great video tipps and build your community

the problem with music in social media is:

- when you use free music from e.g. the YouTube audio library in your video, you can only upload in YouTube

- when you upload the music on other platforms you take legally insecure action

- buying single music files is expensive and limited on one video/project

How about an All-In-One solution?

Music, that lets your videos stand out:

use it without any limits

music for all your projects

• great music makes your videos stand out, because it touches your viewers emotionally

boost your branding with individual music trailers by adding your voice-over

 create a professional social media performance and stick out of the masses

• use the power of music sounds to sell your online courses successfully and wow your clients

• on any platform, without limits, license-free and legally secure!


find the perfect background music and create

great videos, podcast episodes, online courses and trainings

  • professionally produced in our own recording studio
  • ready to use in best audio quality
  • any sound you wish for: relaxing, positive, powerful!

VIDEOQUEEN music gives you:

a great variety of sounds and atmospheres - find the perfect music for your project!

pre-produced music files for your video or podcast trailer, so you can easily add your voice-over

learn how to ad music to your videos with simple editing steps in our mini online-course!

listen now and get inspired:

relaxing, flowing & groovy

Fluffy beats

perfect for: relaxing background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos, audio books and voice-overs

Japanese cherries

perfect for: relaxing background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

Chillin on sunday

perfect for: groovy background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

good vibes & positive

Good morning

perfect for: happy background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

Café Bossa Nova

perfect for: hip bossa nova background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

Sunny afternoon

perfect for: captivating background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

energetic & powerful

Electric passion

perfect for: energetic background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos


perfect for: dynamic background music in videos and online courses, commercial videos

Take me higher

perfect for: background music with powerful beats in videos and online courses, commercial videos

SPECIAL: meditation music

perfect for video, audio & audio books, online courses

Dreaming at the beach

beautiful guitar melody melting with the sound of sea

Send me an angel

nothing speaks to your heart like a heavenly harp

Vanilla sky

feeling light and connected with nature

Body & Soul

warm guitar and string sounds comfort your soul

create your own video or podcast trailer:

  • 2 lengths and lowered volume
  • create your unique voice-over

Podcast Electric passion

Looking for powerful beats? That music trailer is for you.

Podcast Here I am

You want all the attention? All ears on you with this one.

Podcast Happy

Positive, dynamic and easy going. Happy makes your day.


learn how to put music and video together

get your mini online course (value 79 €):

  • easy editing: how to put video and music together
  • no extra costs: how to start with free audio/video programs
  • create your own podcast or video trailer
  • learn how to do basic editing and create voice-overs

no more questions with VIDEOQUEEN music:

- where do I find the right music for my videos?

- how can I add great sounds to my online course?

- I want my own podcast trailer - how does it work?

- where do I get music, that I can use without any limits?

- I want to use music 100% legal in social media - but how?

Never before it was easier for you to get so much music for all your projects: every social media platform, any business project and license-free.

Get VIDEOQUEEN music now and have total freedom with great music sounds.

it's all yours in VIDEOQUEEN music:


100% legal and license-free: get a certificate to use all sounds without any limits including commercial use


it's easy to add music to your video or podcast: learn all the steps, upload your content and start like a pro!

the best music for your video and online projects:

14 music sounds

relaxing, positiv, happy or powerful: create the perfect atmosphere for your project

49 audio files

all sounds available for you as wav and mp3 file

PLUS: additional outtakes give you lots of creative choices

6 podcast trailer

create your own podcast or video trailer: the default volume reduction makes it easy to add your voice-over

your choice: a short and a longer version for an individual trailer

SPECIAL: meditation music

get all our meditation music for any video, audio and commercial project

SPECIAL BONUS: mini online course (value 79 €)

VIDEO 1: learn how to put video and music together in easy steps and basic editing of audio files

VIDEO 2: learn how to create a podcast/video trailer by adding your voice-over and get it ready for upload

get VIDEOQUEEN music now:

✔️ license-free music for all your videos & projects

✔️ BONUS: mini online course with step by step instructions on basic editing

Special Offer: save 70% on the regular price of 129 €

buy now for only 39 € plus tax

why I make it so easy for you:

  • Being a majored singer and vocal teacher mit 20 years of experience I'm a pro in music and music production: you can be sure to get high quality music
  • Being in Online Business since 2017 I've published hundreds of videos and sold online courses and trainings. As a Video and Online Business Coach I know the dos and don´ts with music in social media very well. I make it easy for you using music in all your online projects.
  • You get an easy to follow video training, so learning the basic editing will be fun for you and get you great results!

feedbacks on VIDEOQUEEN music:

Belinda Veber - coach for moderation & presentation

Thank you so much Andrea for this great and easy to use Videoqueen music tool!

Your step-by-step instructions on the technical sides are easy to follow, so I can quickly adopt the basic skills of music editing.

Working with video and music now is so much more fun!

Belinda Veber - coach for moderation & presentation
Tania Fritz - singer, composer & vocal coach

The audio files are beautifully chosen and the perfect fit for any video or podcast.

Each content can get its own background music – all license-free!

It’s really a great package with all your instructions for editing on top!

Tania Fritz - singer, composer & vocal coach

your benefits with VIDEOQUEEN music:

get VIDEOQUEEN music now:

✔️ license-free music for all your videos & projects

✔️ BONUS: mini online course with step by step instructions on basic editing

Special Offer: save 70% on the regular price of 129 €

buy now for only 39 € plus tax

Hi, I´m Andrea.

At the age of 18 I stumbled into my first band and a few years later decided to study jazz & popular music at the Amsterdam University of the Arts/NL.

Since 20 years I'm a professional singer & songwriter and love being on stage.

2017 I started my first online business: an online vocal school. 2019 I started VIDEOQUEEN helping female entrepreneurs to create an authentic and professional performance on video and use social video and online courses to build a thriving business they love.

VIDEOQUEEN music is made with love and gives you a great choice of sounds & emotions.

Use it for all of your projects and let your videos and work shine!


  • How do I get access to VIDEOQUEEN music?

    After your purchase you have instant access to all audio files and trainings. You receive an email with link to your audio files download and access to your video training. You can start in a minute!

  • How exactly is the registration process?

    On my selling platform elopage you have various payment options. Choose the one, that fits perfect for you and add your contact information.

  • How do I start with VIDEOQUEEN music?

    It’s very simple. Download your audio files and save them on your computer. You can instantly add them to your videos. You can start with your video training right away and learn how to put video and music together and do basic editing.

  • I never used music in videos or did editing before - can I do this?

    Yes you can! The basic steps of editing videos, music or podcasts is easy to learn and I show you step by step. Imagine what great results you can achieve, when you know how to do it!

  • How long does it take to add music to a video?

    Once you’ve learned how to do it, it’s just a few minutes. Learn the basic steps in our mini online course – it only takes about 25 minutes and you’ll be proud to create your first video with great background music.

  • How long do I have access to the music and the video training?

    You have access 24/7 and at least 6 months after your purchase.

  • Do you show me which editing app/software I can use?

    Yes! And you can do it all with free apps/software! In the video training you learn how to do it with Windows or Mac and I give you all the links, so you can start on your computer right away!

  • Why do I get wav and mp3 files - what does it mean?

    Both are audio files you can work with. Wav files have – compared to mp3 files – a much bigger file size. You can do further editing of the audio content with a wav file, while a mp3 file is already packed.

    Most people don’t hear the difference and you will probably use mp3 files only. In case you want to do further editing for a music/audio production you can use the wav files.

  • How long are the music files?

    On average they have a length of 3-4 minutes, the meditation music of 6-8 minutes. In the video training you learn how to make it shorter. Or how to attach audio files to create music for long videos and create cross fades.

  • Is the music really legal and license-free?

    Absolutely. Along with your purchase you receive a confirmation, that you can use all the music files without further costs and without any limits. You are free in your creative work and receive basic editing rights. You as the buyer have the legal right of use and can’t sell it to third party.

  • Can I really use the music anywhere?

    Yes, you can. You can use it for any social media platform, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You can also use it for your commercial products, like online courses, audio books and also for your Live events.

Photo credits: Photo by Layla Yehia, Photo by Karolina Grabowska, Photo by Vlad Bagacian, Photo by Stokpic, Photo by Archie Binamira, Photo by Skitterphoto, Photo by bongkarn thanyakij, Photo by Travis Rupert