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Hi, I´m Andrea.

Founder of VIDEOQUEEN™ and Video & Online Business Coach for women, who want to let go of their insecurities in front of the video camera.

So they can use the powerful tool video for their Online Business.

I´m also an expert for Online Courses showing you how to create, market and sell your Online Course to happy customers.

How you build up an Online Business, that you enjoy working in every single day and that follows your rules.

VIDEOQUEEN™ means for me, that every woman can shine in videos.

And without videos nothing works in Online Business: be it Social Media videos for best visibility and reach, building your own YouTube channel, training videos, or Online Courses for steady income.

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Kim Stäublin - nutrition therapy practice

Andrea, thank you for bringing me back into the flow!

I´ve created some really great videos. It´s really Kim-style: pure and authentic, just like me. Without you I wouldn´t have managed to get it done.

I´m so proud of myself!

Kim Stäublin - nutrition therapy practice www.essschule.eu


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With over 800 Online Course sales and 4 years of experience with 2 Online Businesses, I'll show you the shortest path to more visibility, authentic video marketing and the perfect online product for your dream customers.

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