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"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ella Carstensen, angel healer & spiritual education

Thank you for getting me on the path to my own videos in such a short amount of time!

I have never had so much success with an extremely expensive Online Course!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Andrea.

Ella Carstensen, angel healer & spiritual education www.engelheilerschule.de

"The completely perfect Videoqueen-package for me."

Elka Birke, ergonomics and Feng Shui consultant

I am totally enthusiastic about the structured video course and Andrea’s warm, refreshing and competent manner.

I was able to find all the content quickly and implemented it with joy and at my own pace. The individual modules are explained in great detail and in a way that is easy to understand and are rounded off by the motivating learning videos and the supportive Facebook group.

The implementation of the technology was not difficult for me either, although I am not tech-savvy.

Andrea answered individual questions immediately, so that I could quickly continue with my tasks. A great feel-good package!

I’m looking forward to the next offer, because Andreas’s offers help me to develop further and I am at the right place. I can only recommend the video school to everyone.

Many thanks Andrea!

Elka Birke, ergonomics and Feng Shui consultant www.elka-birke.de

"Andrea has great expertise in marketing strategy. I benefit enormously from it."

Anja Bürk-Deharde, Amazon Coaching

It was clear to me that I had to take the leap into the digital age. And I wanted to put my 26 years of experience in personal development and as dance teacher into an Online Course.

I did that with the help of Andrea with her Business School and 1:1 Coaching!

I’m so thankful because I wouldn’t have known how to take my ideas with videos, tutorials and all the tech and market it properly.

Anja Bürk-Deharde, Amazon Coaching www.anja-buerk-deharde.com

"The Business School helped me to finally start with my Online Course."

Mirjam Schmidli, Organizational Consulting and Coaching

Although I had many ideas for an Online Course, I had even more doubts as to whether I would have enough material and technical know-how.

In the Business School I’m learning from A to Z how to create and market an Online Course. I now feel well prepared to tackle my project!

Many thanks, Andrea, for the great course!

Mirjam Schmidli, Organizational Consulting and Coaching www.schmidli-consulting.ch

"The Social Media beginner needs exactly such a guide!"

Annett Hansen, skin & food expert and mentor for feel-good skin

The Social Media beginner needs exactly such a guide!

Every detail is explained in a way that everyone can understand and with Facebook support that is just quick and helpful.

I am very grateful that I came across Andrea. I love her natural, motivating and authentic way.

If you don’t do the course, it’s your own fault!

Annett Hansen, skin & food expert and mentor for feel-good skin www.annetthansen.de

"Andrea convinced me a 100%"

Mag. Alexandra Gina Edwards, English Coach

Videoqueen is the perfect package of technical, educational and presentation tips.

I am a presentation trainer myself and therefore very critical.

Andrea convinced me 100%.

The investment in the course was more than worth it!

Mag. Alexandra Gina Edwards, English Coach www.edwardsenglish.com

"Videoqueen stands out with very strong content"

Stephanie Gräf, travel agency

Dear Andrea, thank you so much for this “video video course”, it really is all you need to get started with videos.

From Make up tips to technique to “how to’s” this is a complete course.

In particular, your very charming and matter-of-fact personal manner speaks to me and sets you apart from your competitors, who like to praise themselves, but then weaken greatly in content.

It’s different with you: you stand out with very strong content. I look forward to many more offers from you, which I will buy blindly.

Stephanie Gräf, travel agency www.inventia.de

"I blindly bought the Business School and have no regrets"

Kristin Palm - Physiotherapist & Coach

The course is so clearly formulated, structured, well constructed and I find the best part: Andrea’s style.

How she puts her heart and soul into the videos and explains to me and the community how we have to do something.

I can only recommend the Business School to everyone. Thank you Andrea for helping me to start walking.

Kristin Palm - Physiotherapist & Coach www.coaching-physio.de

"The all-inclusive video learning program"

Andrea Thalmann, singer & musician

On the way to becoming a Videoqueen, Andrea’s program really gives you everything you need to know about all the topics that play a role in successful video recording.

Extensive in content and at the same time well to the point, so that it is a lot of fun to produce the first results with joy and ease.

In addition, the community in the Facebook group is a great motivational filling station! Thank you Andrea for your competent and warm manner and this beautiful program!

Andrea Thalmann, singer & musician www.projekt-seelenfeuer.de

"I would buy Videoqueen again right away"

Roswitha Wang-Moritz, academic PR consultant

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to shift my business online, but I always failed when it came to the topic of “video”.

Today I have my own YouTube channel and I enjoy videos!

With Videoqueen, Andrea Reichhart has created a course that picked me up exactly where I was and that guides me step by step to become better and better.

But it’s not just the content of the course that convinces me, but also everything around it: the community in the Facebook group and the support Andrea gives.

She is just so likable and you can tell that she really wants to help you and she does! I would buy Videoqueen again right away and can only recommend the course to anyone who wants to make professional videos.

Thank you Andrea!

Roswitha Wang-Moritz, academic PR consultant www.wangmoritz-pr.at

"Videoqueen is well thought out and structured"

Katrin Riediger, Business Mentor and Coach for

With Videoqueen and Andrea’s help I managed to set up my mentoring program for solo entrepreneurs.

I can highly recommend the video school.

Katrin Riediger, Business Mentor and Coach for "The Work" www.katrinriediger.de

"Videoqueen is actually priceless valuable"

Sabine Schmidt

I’m just starting my Online Business and until now I had no idea how Social Media works.

Your course came to me at just the right time. It contains everything that is necessary for communication in Online Business.

It starts with the selection of the tools: such as microphone, lighting, camera, contains valuable information and exercise materials for video design, sound and language, way of implementation …. I can only recommend everyone to take part here, it’s worth it and is actually priceless.

Priceless in the sense of valuable – not expressed in money.

The course can be used flexibly, I got an overview of everything and use the individual lessons as I need them at the moment.

Your videos are so engaging, it’s a pleasure to watch and listen to.

Thank you for being here with your topics and that I can develop further with your help.

Best wishes from Sabine

Sabine Schmidt

"So far, I've been at war with making videos and presenting content."

Iris Lewalski, Nature Coach

I am endlessly grateful for Andrea’s course.

It was exactly what I needed at that moment. So far, I’ve been at war with making videos and presenting content.

This course really has everything covered. From technology, staging, outfit, voice training, communication, video editing and much more.

I like the presentation style of knowledge very much and it is really easy to understand. Andrea comes across as very likeable and competent.

What I particularly like is that I can jump back and forth between the modules as I need them.

If I do have a question, I can post it in the group. I can highly recommend Andrea.

Iris Lewalski, Nature Coach www.irislewalski.webnode.com

"I absolutely love the Online Course."

Isolde Nitschke, Reiki master

I can only recommend you to buy the Business School, because it is a meaningful investment to start online and further develop your skills.

With the Online Course I can now build up my work as a Reiki master on a part-time basis and then maybe make it my core business.

Isolde Nitschke, Reiki master www.reikimeisterin-isolde-nitschke.mailchimpsites.com

"Andrea is an amazing voice coach"

Julia Burget - Online Marketing expert

Andrea is an amazing voice coach. I can warmly recommend her to you!

She has a very good feeling and a lot of experience for improving your own voice and language.

The exercises are short, concise and already show improvement after the first repetitions.

Julia Burget - Online Marketing expert www.juliaburget.de

"What a great online voice training!"

Silke Freudenberg - Event protokol & Coaching

What a great, comprehensive online speaking training!

It is clearly and understandably structured, with a lot of theory and practice.

Great for anyone who wants to make their voice more professional. 

Thank you very much, dear Andrea, and keep up the good work with SPEAK UP!

Silke Freudenberg - Event protokol & Coaching www.silkefreudenberg.com